The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The success of the sitcom Happy Days led to this offbeat animated spinoff, wherein the Fonz, Richie, and Ralph came across a time machine piloted by a future girl named Cupcake (an homage, perhaps, to Joanie's nickname “Shortcake"?)

The time machine was used both to teach children about different periods of history and to create humorous situations where Fonzie, so cool in his 1950's Milwaukee, Wisconsin setting, would stand out even more than usual.

Along for the time-tripping ride was Mr. Cool, Fonzie’s dog. Mr. Cool, voiced by cartoon king Frank Welker, would mimic his master's trademarked expression, “Ayyyy,” even using the same thumbs up gesture.

The actors from the original series actually did the voice work for this show, while Cupcake was voiced by Didi Cohn, who played Frenchie in that other piece of 50's nostalgia, Grease.

In the fall of ‘82, the “squares” Richie and Ralph were dropped, and Fonz and Mr. Cool joined Laverne, Shirley, Mork, and Mindy on The Mork and Mindy\Laverne and Shirley\Fonz Hour.

Release History

11/8/80 - 9/18/82 ABC

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TV Studio

Paramount TV

Television Cast

Arthur 'Fonz' Fonzarelli Henry Winkler
Richie Cunningham Ron Howard
Ralph Malph Donny Most
Cupcake Didi Conn
Mr. Cool Frank Welker

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