Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This popular half-hour live action adventure series featured the adventures of young Joey, a city-raised orphan who had been taken into custody after a street fight. The boy was adopted rugged Jim Newton, who had just lost his wife and children. Jim brought Joey to Broken Wheel Ranch, where the boy became enchanted with the magnificent stallion, Fury.

Young Joey learned many life lessons from Jim and ranch hand Pete, but the boy still found time to hit the trail with fellow young riders Pee-Wee and Packey. The group faced weekly perils and adventures, usually involving some action-packed horse riding.

The show was very well received and enjoyed high ratings until the departure of Peter Graves (Jim Newton) in 1959. It ran for six more years in syndication on Saturday mornings under the title Brave Stallion.

Release History

10/15/55 - 9/3/66 NBC

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Television Cast

Jim Newton Peter Graves
Joe Newton Bobby Diamond
Pete Wilkie William Fawcett
Rodney 'Pee-Wee' Jenkins Jimmy Baird
Packey Lambert Roger Mobley
Helen Watkins Ann Robinson
Harriet Newton Nan Leslie

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