So we now turn our attention to your most popular Saturday morning cartoon.
Currently your number 1 is The Waynehead cartoon

The WayneHead cartoon ran over 4 season. All 50 episodes of Wayne Head lasted for 30 minutes and were aired from October 19, 1996 to May 17, 1997.

“Waynehead Waynehead The party has just begun! – Hey, Ho, hey, Ho!”
Anyone else remember that great opening tune on Saturday mornings?

This show is about a 10 year-old boy who is trying to deal with the problems of pre-adolescence in his neighborhood in New York, lower Manhattan. Often some very useful lessons were made via the storyline. It also had some great situations and one-liners. The main reason it proved so popular was due to the characters being so very believable. With a catchy theme song it was a massive hit in the nineties.

WayneHead Animation

WayneHead at number 1

The TV show “Waynehead,” a 1996 cartoon show that aired on the WB network.


Waynehead Episodes included:

  • Demon of the Dozens
  • No Mo’ Money
  • Brothers and Bros.
  • Botswana Aki and the Hydrant of Doom
  • 3 Hats and You’re Out
  • Dad’s a Spaz
  • Be Mine…Or Else
  • To Be Cool or Not To Be
  • Special Delivery
  • Quest For Fireworks
  • A Friend In Greed
  • Bummed Out
  • Rebel Without A Paw

We reviewed the wayne head cartoon a few years ago

Waynehead Cartoon was a real blast from the past – do you remember it?

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