Penalty Football Card Game

This Penalty football card game was made by Pepys Games in Italy. The box consisted of a football pitch, a 52 card set, set of rules and a wooden ball.

Penalty is a beautiful card and board game from the 1960’s where a ball is passed around a pitch with the aim of scoring a goal. The movement of the ball is determined by movements printed on cards. The cards are played to enable the opponent to tackle to gain possession with the main aim to shoot at goal and score. All this is done by means of 52 cards.

Penalty Football Card Game

Some sets came with a plastic pitch and others with a Paper pitch
It was marketed as the World Famous Football Game. The cards are not of particular players or teams, so they are not very collectible  At least two editions of the game were produced in England by arrangement with Ernesto Scola, Milan.

A big thanks to Skooldays fan Peter Brayne, we are now able to upload the rules to this classic Football Card Game


Penalty Football Card Game Rules

Penalty Football Card Game page 1

Penalty Football Card Game page 1

Penalty Football Card Game page 2

page 2

Rules for Penalty Football Card Game page 3

page 3

Penalty Football page 4

page 4

Penalty page 5

page 5

Penalty Football Card Rules

page 6

Penalty  Rules page 7

page 7

rules page 8

Penalty Football Card Game page 8

18 thoughts on “Penalty Football Card Game

    • I don’t know but I have an original game minus the pitch which I’m just checking the size of so I can print it out as the original paper sheet was worn out. Cards, rules, wooden ball and box in good condition.

  1. Re :- Penalty Football Card Game.
    Hi Skooldays,
    I was doing a search for card games to play over the forthcoming Christmas.This led me to search again for Penalty,a game I still have.From the results returned,I found your site and the article where you are requesting the rules of this card game.I still have the rules of this great game.So I could scan the rules and send them to you as JPEG.
    61 Years Old

  2. I would like a scanned version of the rules if still available and possible please.

    Also, I have just bought the game on eBay (to relive having it myself 50years ago!) but there are only 37 ‘play’ cards instead of 38.

    Is there any way of establishing which card is missing?
    There are 10 with red square on bottom, 10 with dotted red circle on bottom, 12 with hand in bottom right corner and 5 with hand on bottom left.


  3. And a scanned copy of the cards please!

    (The copy of the rules, above here, is fine but a scanned copy of them would be perfect.)


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