Joe 90 1968 Annual

The Joe 90 1968 Annual was one I remember well. From the creator of Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson’s penultimate puppet show of the 1960s, following Captain Scarlet (1968) and preceding the little-known The Secret Service (1969), Joe 90 was born.

The Overview:
In 2112 professor Ian McClaine has invented the BIG RAT (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope, Record and Transfer), a machine for copying knowledge and experiences from person to person. WIN (World Intelligence Organisation) uses this to prime their top undercover agent before sending him into the field on missions which range from foiling international terrorists to recovering a nuclear weapon from beneath the polar ice. So far so good, but in perhaps the most mind-boggling concept ever to reach children’s TV, that agent is McClaine’s nine-year-old adopted son, Joe.

Joe 90 1968 Annual

Joe 90 1968 Annual


The annual encourages young readers to take on missions and decide how they will handle problems.

Question: I remember one of these was what would you do if all four nuts on one of your car wheels came off and fell over a mountain side.

The answer:
Quite simple really – take one nut from the other 3 wheels and use them to put your forth wheel back on.

The other was what do you do if your going down a hill at t30 miles and hour and your brakes fail? – i’ll leave you to answer that one….

Retro Nostalgic Skooldays: Joe 90 Tv Theme

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