Green Cross Code Man

The Green Cross Code Man was a fictional superhero character created in 1975 and used until 1990 as an aid to teaching young children the Green Cross Code, and for promoting general road safety.

David Prowse was a bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe and is well known for his portrayal of Darth Vader in the Star Wars films.

Green Cross Code Man

1970s Green Cross Code Man

The Green Cross Code Man character has the power to teleport from his monitoring station at Green Cross Control to any location where youths are in need of pedestrian safety instruction. On these missions he is sometimes accompanied by a whimsical robot companion. His motto is “I won’t be there when you cross the road, So always use the Green Cross Code.”


In 1976, actor Jon Pertwee, famous as the Third Doctor on the TV series Doctor Who, appeared in a PIF for the Green Cross Code introducing the mnemonic “SPLINK”, which appeared to stand for:

(Find a) Safe (place to cross)
(Stand on the) Pavement
Look (for traffic)
If (traffic is coming, let it pass)
(When there is) No (traffic near, walk across the road)
Keep (looking and listening for traffic as you cross).

We will never know how many lives were saved by the Green cross code man, but i would like to believe that we’re all better off for it!

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  1. Well I think the classic adverts were good beacause road adverts were good to think to look and left when the advert was end around the 80s beacause all these kids doesnt know whats around the coner i felt sorry what did the advert said.

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