5 Classic 80s Pop Videos

Now when it comes to watching Top of the Pops in the 1980s, few groups had as much impact as the 5 we look at today.

Suddenly every tune had to have a video.

No longer would you get away with the 4 faces of queen. dire straits came in with Money for Nothing computer generated video on MTV and it’s never gone back. The music video for the song featured early computer animation illustrating the lyrics. The video was one of the first uses of computer-animated human characters and was considered ground-breaking at the time of its release.

5 Classic 80s Pop Videos

5 Classic 80s Pop Videos You Surely Remember

With great music and videos – these were kept on our VHS tapes for several years!

1. Happy Mondays : STEP ON

Call the cops! – you’re twisting my melon man! Back in 1989 Shaun Ryder was whistling nicely out of synch with this awesome tune from the Mondays.

2. New Order – TRUE FAITH

More like a futuristic scene from It’s a Knockout, this video certainly stands out as a classic late 80s pop sensation making it to number 4 in the UK charts.


3. Adam and the Ants : ANT RAP

We go back to early eighties for this great video.
Let’s put some wax on the trax and slide on outa here!
With Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Garry Tibbs and yours truly, we were delighted by some non instrumental
This song went to number 3 in the UK charts in 1981

4. Black Box : RIDE ON TIME

This was a great dance floor tune. Guaranteed to get me up and jig around for a few minutes. Though its been suggested that this was never actually sung by Black Box.

5. A-ha – TAKE ON ME

One of the best music videos ever made in the eighties comes from A-ha. The Norwegian pop band made it number 1 in 1985

Bonus. Dire Straits – MONEY FOR NOTHING

As mentioned in the introduction. This paved the way for today’s music videos.

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