Littl' Bits

Littl' Bits

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Come join the fun with the Littl’ Bits,
They’re all around, our Littl’ Bits…”

Can there really ever be enough cartoons about adorable wee critters in little forest houses? The 1980’s brought the kings of the genre, The Smurfs, along with competitors and imitators like The Snorks, Monchichis, Biskitts, and many, many more. The trend continued into the 1990’s with The Littl’ Bits, a Japanese series dubbed into English and aired stateside on the Nickelodeon kids’ network.

Littl’ Bits were even shorter than Smurfs, growing only a single inch over their elfin lifetimes. They may have been dwarfed by the human world, but the Littl’ Bits managed to adapt, building tiny cottages in the Foothill Forest and riding around on woodland creatures like the flying squirrel. Among the more prominent Foothill Forest citizens were Lillabit, Williebit, Snoozabit, Browniebit, Snagglebit, and the long-bearded wise man (every village needs one), Elderbit.

The Littl’ Bits were all about love, peace and harmony, making them perfect viewing for impressionable youngsters. The show’s 26 episodes were repeated over four seasons on Nick’s lineup, proving we still had something to learn from the tiny forest folk:

“Cause with a little bit of love,
The world can be a better place for you and me…”

Release History

5/1/91 - 4/30/95 Nickelodeon

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TV Studio

Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd., Saban

Television Cast

Voices Arthur Grosser
Voices Dean Hagopian
Voices A.J. Henderson
Voices Arthur Holden
Voices Rick Jones
Voices Liz MacRae
Voices Walter Massey
Voices Anik Matern
Voices Terrence Scammel
Voices Jane Woods

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