Lazer Tag Academy

Lazer Tag Academy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Although based on the light-gun game Lazer Tag, this show owed more to The Terminator. On the premiere episode, young Jamie Jaren traveled back in time from the year 3010 to the 1980's to help her ancestors, teenagers Tom and Beth and little tyke Nicky.

The kids needed protection from another futuristic being, a villainous relative of Jamie's named Draxon Drear, who led a group of genetically engineered werewolf-like beings known as the Skuggs. Drear and the Skuggs' spaceship had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at some point in the past, but they were unwittingly awakened from suspended animation in the 80's by Professor Olanga.

The baddies had traveled back in time to destroy Beth because she would eventually create the Starlyte gun and Starsensor worn by Jamie (In a bizarre chronological paradox, these same items were already available for purchase before the show premiered. Luckily, the fabric of space and time did not fold in upon itself and destroy all existence). These machines enabled the able-bodied young heroine to stun others and move items around, which came in handy in the many battle scenes featured on the series.

Beth and Tom's parents, Andrew and Genna Jaren, were mostly oblivious to the battles with the Skuggs and Drear and accepted Jamie as a foreign exchange student. Nosy neighbor Charlie, however, suspected Jamie of being an alien, and was out to prove it.

The show lasted only one season on NBC's cartoon lineup, but the toys continued on, selling well into the 1990's and spawning hundreds of lazer battle arenas across the globe.

Release History

9/13/86 - 9/5/87 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Jamie Jaren Noelle Harding
Draxon Drear Brooker Bradshaw
Beth Jaren Christina MacGregor
Tom Jaren Billy Jacoby
Nicky Jaren R.J. Williams
Andrew Jaren Frank Welker
Skugg Frank Welker
Skugg Pat Fraley
Charlie Pat Fraley
Genna Jaren Tress MacNeille
Professor Olanga Sid McCoy

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