Little Rosey

Little Rosey

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In the early 1990’s, the blue-collar sitcom Roseanne was ABC’s biggest primetime hit, and star Roseanne Arnold (formerly Barr, later simply Roseanne) was the hero of the working class. Hoping her appeal would carry over to the working class’ children, the network commissioned a cartoon version of the comedienne, younger and less potty-mouthed.

The result was Little Rosey, which illustrated the trials and travails of a preteen Roseanne, her friend Buddy, sister Tess, and brother Tater. Voice actress Kathleen Laskey did the honors for the title character, transposing Roseanne’s distinctively edgy whine to the younger Rosey. Apparently the children of the working class found other heroes, as the show disappeared after one season.

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9/8/90 - 8/13/91 ABC

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Little Rosey Kathleen Laskey

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