Life With Louie

Life With Louie

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Life With Louie was a semi-autobiographical half-hour animated series based on the occasionally bittersweet childhood of comedian Louie Anderson. In the show, 8-year-old Louie lived at home with his mother, his father, and his little brother Tommy. Each episode began in live-action, with the real Louie Anderson introducing the show and setting up the episode's plot.

Life With Louie viewed the ordinary through the eyes of its title character, a slightly tubby kid with a deep voice (provided by Anderson himself). Louie was always trying to cheer up his father, a grumpy war veteran, while simultaneously taking care of himself and Tommy.

Although the series had its tender-hearted moments, the emphasis was definitely on the more comedic aspects of growing up, like playing practical jokes on little Tommy and pursuing neighborhood cutie Jeannie Harper.

A major hit on Fox's Saturday morning lineup, Life With Louie showed us what a little laughter could do change a difficult situation.

Release History

9/9/95 - ? Fox

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TV Studio

Hyperion Animation

Television Cast

Narrator Louie Anderson
Louie Anderson Louie Anderson
Andy Anderson Louie Anderson
Ora Anderson Edie McClurg
Tommy Anderson Miko Hughes
Michael Grunewald Justin Shenkarow
Glen Glenn Justin Shenkarow
Grandma Mary Wickes
Jeannie Harper Debi Derryberry
Voices Olivia Hack

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