The Legend of Calamity Jane

The Legend of Calamity Jane

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Calamity Jane ranks among the most famous and infamous gun-slinging legends of the American wild west. A superior shot and a talented horse rider who rescued many a stagecoach in her time, Calamity Jane used her skills on the right side of justice and proved that being a woman was no hindrance to living the adventure of your dreams.

Because Calamity Jane was one of the most American of heroes, it’s surprising that the animated The Legend of Calamity Jane had such an international flair—produced by France's Contre Allée, France 3, and Canal +, and distributed by the British company Itel and the U.S. company Kids Network.

Regardless of its multi-national pedigree, The Legend of Calamity Jane combined the slick, contemporary look of comic book realism with adventurous storylines taken directly from the life of the untamed firebrand herself. Calamity Jane, much like her historical counterpart, worked as a bounty hunter, tracking outlaws across the new frontier.

What made the show interesting was the host of eclectic good guys and bad guys, all slinging six-shooters and riding horses against the beautifully drawn landscape of the young American west. Along with Jane, her cohorts Joe Presto, Wild Bill Hickcok, and Chaynah Parker tried to keep the homestead safe from vicious outlaw Bill Doolin and others.

Although The Legend of Calamity Jane took place in a time and a place much different to our own, the lessons learned seemed very similar to contemporary battles between good and evil. Unfortunately, only three weeks' worth of wild west action was aired before Kids WB yanked the show. In any case, The Legend of Calamity Jane's uncharted landscapes provided a fertile ground for the imaginations of many a boy and girl.

Release History

9/13/97 - 9/27/97 WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Contre Allée/ France 3/ Canal + 

Television Cast

Calamity Jane  Barbara Scaff
Joe Presto  Frank Welker
Wild Bill Hickok  Clancy Brown
Lonely Sue  Miriam Flynn
Quanna Parker  Michael Horse
Capt. John O'Rourke  Tim Matheson
Zita Candi Milo
Bill Doolin  Mark Rolston
Voices  Townsend Coleman
Voices  Richard Doyle
Voices  Jason Siner
Voices Mark Hamill

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