The Lost Saucer

The Lost Saucer

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In the year 2369, while engaged in a routine universe exploration, androids Fi and Fum (played by Laugh-In's Ruth Buzzi and Gomer Pyle himself, Jim Nabors, respectively) accidentally penetrated a time warp and landed on Earth in 1975. Being friendly androids, Fi and Fum set out to make new pals. They found two: a young boy named Jerry and his teenaged babysitter, Alice.

The congenial androids invited the kids aboard their space ship to have a look around, but suddenly, people began to crowd around the ship, alarming Fum. In a nervous reaction, the android launched the ship back into space, where it became a Lost Saucer.

The Lost Saucer's weekly adventures revolved around visits to new and different worlds as Fi and Fum attempted to return the children to their homes. Also along for the ride was Fi and Fum’s pet “Dorse,” a cross between a dog and a horse.

The show lasted only one season, but edited episodes ran as segments on The Krofft Supershow the following season.

Release History

9/6/75 - 9/4/76 ABC

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Television Cast

Fum Jim Nabors
Fi Ruth Buzzi
Alice Alice Playten
Jerry Jarrod Johnson
Dorse Larry Larson

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