Lucky Pup

Lucky Pup

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Lucky Pup was about just that, a very blessed canine. At some point before the show premiered, Lucky Pup received a $5,000,000 inheritance from a rich relative (whether he got his name before or after accepting the money is not known).

The windfall didn’t seem to change the pup too much. He continued all his normal daily activities, which generally included hanging out with his friend Jolo the Clown. The lucky loot did bring its share of problems, however. The biggest of these was the evil magician Foodini, who hoped to steal the pup's money. Foodini and his sidekick Pinhead staged all sorts of elaborate schemes, but the dastardly duo never succeeded in pilfering the funds.

All the characters on the show were puppets except for the narrator Doris Brown, who kept kids up to date on Lucky's activities and pointed out the many wrongdoings of Foodini and Pinhead. The talented team of Hope & Morey Bunim controlled the puppets.

The series was abruptly cancelled after one season. Rumor has it that CBS was eager to axe its entire stable of puppet shows, and Lucky Pup was simply on the wrong network at the wrong time. Happily (or luckily), the cast returned on ABC, where the show was renamed Foodini the Great and centered on the villain and his bungling assistant.

Release History

8/23/48 - 6/23/51 CBS

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Television Cast

Host Doris Brown
Lucky Pup Hope Bunin
Foodini the Great Morey Bunin
Jolo the Clown Hope or Morey Bunin
Pinhead Hope Bunin

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