The Littles

The Littles

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Here come the Littles…”

They lived in walls, slept in sardine cans, used a teacup for a gondola and showered under an upside-down baby bottle. By the time they reached Saturday morning in 1983, John Peterson’s The Littles had already sold millions of children’s books. Staying true to the spirit of Peterson's creation, ABC promised a show with values even ordinary humans could understand: loyalty, friendship and caring.

Pointy-eared and long-tailed, but otherwise humanlike, the Littles lived secretly inside big people’s homes. The secret was revealed when Lucy and Tom Little befriended human boy Henry Bigg, son of scientist George Bigg.

The Little elders disapproved of such big/little fraternizing, but Lucy and Tom found the outside world too wondrous to resist, sneaking along on Henry’s trips with his father. Things often turned dangerous, but Henry managed to keep his friends safe from discovery. Kindly and sage Grandpa Little provided a voice of reason, and bumbling toy airplane pilot Uncle Dinky gave things a comic touch.

Like the books that inspired them, the animated Littles were a hit, lasting three seasons and spawning a 1985 feature, Here Come the Littles.

Release History

9/10/83 - 9/6/86 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Tetsuo Katayama Productions, DIC, ABC Entertainment

Television Cast

Lucy Little Bettina Bush
Tom Little Donovan Freberg
Henry Bigg Jimmy E. Keegan
Mr. George Bigg Robert David Hall
Grandpa Little Alvy Moore
Dinky Little Robert David Hall
Mrs. Bigg..Laurel Page  
Ashley B.J. Ward
Slick Patrick Fraley

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