The New Adventures of He-Man

The New Adventures of He-Man

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In 1990, musclebound do-gooder He-Man returned to TV with a new look, a new planet, new friends and enemies, and one old nemesis. The New Adventures of He-Man brought both He-Man and Skeletor into the kindler, gentler 90’s by toning down the violence and turning up the goofy humor.

In the revamped series, He-Man (a.k.a. Prince Adam) and Skeletor were transported from homeworld Eternia to a new planet, Primus. There they headed up two teams engaged in “The Ultimate Challenge.” Skeletor led a group of baddies known as The Mutants, while He-Man was joined by such stalwart heroes as Optikk and Flipshot.

The focus was on competition, not out-and-out battle, in keeping with the new He-Man’s image. To further prove what a good citizen he was, Prince Adam/He-Man illustrated the importance of conservation as he tried to keep Primus a safe and happy place to live.

After an initial five-part miniseries, the show’s eventual 65-episode run got underway. The new show had its fans, but not enough to keep it running for a second season. Devotees of the 80’s He-Man wanted their old hero back, and younger kids were more interested in pizza-eating, ninja-fighting turtles than they were in a bare-chested guy with a sword. And so, after one final “Ultimate Challenge” five-parter (the third of the series), The New Adventures of He-Man quietly left the air.

Release History

1990 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Jetlag, DIC

Television Cast

He-Man Gary Chalk
Prince Adam Doug Parker
Skeletor Campbell Lane
Alcon Gary Chalk
Andros Gary Chalk
Artilla Gary Chalk
B.H.* Scott McNeil
Captain Zang Scott McNeil
Caz Mark Hildreth
Drissi Tracy Eisner
Flipshot Scott McNeil
Flogg Alvin Sanders
General Nifel Mike Donovan
Gepple Don Brown
Gleep Ted Cole
Gross Gary Chalk
Hoove Doug Parker
Hydron Don Brown
Karatti Ted Cole
Kayo Don Brown
Krex Scott McNeil
Mara Venus Terzo
Meldoc Doug Parker
Optikk Don Brown
President Pell Gary Chalk
Quake Don Brown
Sagitar Campbell Lane
Sgt. Krone Gary Chalk
Sebrian Anthony Holland
Slushead Ted Cole
The Sorceress Venus Terzo
Spinwit Ted Cole
Staghorn Ted Cole
Tuskador Alvin Sanders
Viser Don Brown
Wall Street Doug Parker
Werban Don Brown

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