The New Adventures of Gigantor

The New Adventures of Gigantor

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Gigantooooor, Gigantoooooor, Gigaaaaaaaaantor…”

Black and white Japanese cartoon classic Gigantor got a color overhaul in 1993, as the Sci-Fi Channel unveiled The New Adventures of Gigantor. Actually, the show had been around since the 1980’s, when the Tokyo Movie Shinsa Company decided it was time to dust the big metallic fella off for a new series, but 1993 marked the robot’s return to American airwaves.

The New Adventures of Gigantor picked up several decades after the original, at the beginning of the 21st century. With “new computers and super alloys,” scientists built an all-new Gigantor—sleeker, faster, and even more powerful than the original. Despite the advancements, the robot retained his swingin’ original theme song.

The premise remained pretty much the same as well. Gigantor’s main function was to fight crime, working for Inspector Blooper and his police force. Young Jimmy Sparks, son of one of Gigantor’s inventors, controlled the robot and would often ride around on him as they saved the town from evil.

The 51-episode series ran for four years on the Sci-Fi Channel, including a stint as part of that network’s Cartoon Quest block. A third series, Tetsujin 28FX, was produced in Japan, but it has yet to make the trip across the Pacific.

Release History

9/9/93 - 6/30/97 Sci-Fi

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TV Studio

Tokyo Movie Shinsha Company

Television Cast

Jimmy Sparks Barbara Goodson
Inspector Blooper Tom Wyner
Bob Brilliant Doug Stone

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