The New Adventures of Tintin

The New Adventures of Tintin

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Tintin, the dauntless young globetrotting reporter, has come a long way since 1929, when he first came to life in the Belgian magazine Le Vingtième Siècle. Drawn by Georges Remi, (a.k.a "Hergé"), Tintin immediately rose to international success with its amazingly constructed and always good-humored adventures.

The books took Tintin from South America to the Sahara, from a moon landing to deep sea treasure diving. He encountered Incans, Opium smugglers, opera singers, and whomever else happened to come into the path of his insatiable curiosity.

The young journalist's constant companions were his terrier Snowy ("Milou" in the original version), the dim-witted detectives Thompson and Thomson ("Dupond" and "Dupont"), and Captain Haddock, the hands-down champion of creative swearing (his vocab ranged from the frequent "Billions of blue blistering barnacles!" to the more obscure "Bashi-bazouk!")

On behalf of "La Fondation Hergé," this cartoon version (Tintin's second animated adaptation) was produced by the Canadian-French company Ellipse/Nelvana. The scripts were prepared in both French and English, though they were made well enough that neither version sounded like a cheap overdub. Their bilingual efforts would have made Tintin, that most international of travelers, proud.

Release History

12/21/91 - ? HBO

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TV Studio

Ellipse, Nelvana

Television Cast

Tintin Colin O'Meara
Captain Haddock David Fox
Professor Calculus Wayne Robson
Thompson John Stocker
Thompson Dan Hennessey
Snowy Susan Roman

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