The New Adventures of Huck Finn

The New Adventures of Huck Finn

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Don’t be fooled by the title. The New Adventures of Huck Finn had very little to do with Mark Twain's literary masterpiece. This version began with Huck, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher being chased by the villainous Injun Joe (presumably this action took place before the end of Tom Sawyer, since Joe was still alive). As they entered a cave, the three were all swept up in a time vortex that would deposit them in different places and times every week.

Over the show's single season run, Huck, Tom and Becky battled the Black Knight alongside King Arthur, and other times the kids would find themselves face to face with other literary icons like Don Quixote. Injun Joe would always end up making an appearance, usually in disguise, in an effort to capture the teens and exact his revenge.

When the show began, all of the action was live, but after the characters entered the vortex, the background and all the characters, with the exception of Tom, Huck and Becky, became animated. This helped to give the show a fantasy-type feeling. Injun Joe was animated as well, although his voice was still done by Ted Cassidy (TV's Lurch), who played Joe before his entrance into the vortex.

While the stories may have been shy on literary content, the effect of real people interacting with animated characters made this show a favorite among kids. After its cancellation, The New Adventures of Huck Finn was seen as part of the syndicated show Banana Splits and Friends.

Release History

9/15/68 - 9/7/69 NBC

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Television Cast

Huck Finn Michael Shea
Tom Sawyer Kevin Schultz
Becky Thatcher Lu Ann Haslam
Injun Joe Ted Cassidy
Voices Julie Bennett
Voices Ted DeCorsia
Voices Paul Frees
Voices Jack Krusacher
Voices Charles Lane
Voices Marvin Miller
Voices Vic Perrin
Voices Mike Road
Voices Hal Smith
Voices Paul Stewart
Voices Peggy Webber

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