The New Fantastic Four

The New Fantastic Four

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

New network, new voices, same fantastic powers. Based on the popular Marvel comic book characters, The Fantastic Four made their second cartoon appearance with this late 70's show.

Super stretchy scientist Mr. Fantastic, his wife The Invisible Girl, and rocky orange The Thing were back in action, but the foursome was now completed by a robot named H.E.R.B., instead of the original Human Torch (whose rights had been sold to another company for a solo spin-off that never happened).

The addition of the robot, whose named was actually pronounced Herb-E, was one of a few changes made when the show resurfaced eight years after the original ABC series left the air. Their mode of transportation had been updated as well. Instead of tooling around in the old U-car, Mr. Fantastic at company now used the high-tech Fantasticar.

Fantastic Four co-creator Stan Lee wrote many of this series' scripts himself, while his creative partner, Jack Kirby, oversaw the design of the show's storyboards. Many of the adventures were adapted directly from the comic book's storylines, and as always, arch-nemesis Dr. Doom reared his metal-plated head to menace both the Four and the world.

Though the show was cancelled after one season, the Thing made his third network TV appearance with that other blockhead, Fred Flintstone, on The Flintstone Comedy Show. The original foursome were reunited in 1994 for further weekend adventures.

Release History

9/9/78 - 9/1/79 NBC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards Mike Road
The Invisible Girl/Sue Richards Ginny Tyler
The Thing/Ben Grimm Ted Cassidy
H.E.R.B.* Frank Welker

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