The New Zoo Revue

The New Zoo Revue

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“It’s the New Zoo Revue, coming right at you,
Where three delightful animals have fun with what they do.”

New Zoo Revue was a half-hour children’s series featuring live-action and costumed characters, including Freddie the Frog, Henrietta Hippo and Charlie the Owl. Under the direction of schoolteacher Doug and his assistant Emmy Jo, the characters learned lessons on academics, culture and good citizenship through songs, dances and jokes.

“Delicate and feminine is Henrietta Hippo.”

Henrietta Hippo was a dainty, soft-spoken southern belle. Although she had the tendency to flirt with the others, Henrietta was actually slightly shy. She also came across as somewhat snobby, annoying everyone by constantly talking about her stunning beauty.

“Very wise and very smart is Charlie the Owl.”

Charlie was a very serious, thoughtful owl who lived in a tall (but elevator accessible) tree. Ever the intellectual, Charlie was also a bit of a know-it-all, never hesitating to let the others know when they were wrong, but taking it very badly when he himself made a mistake.

“Lots of spark with lots of parties, Freddie the Frog.”

Freddie the Frog was a carefree, happy-go-lucky amphibian. He was always up for a good time and was often amazed at all the wonders the world had to offer. In spite of his endless enthusiasm, Freddie was also a tad gullible. He believed most of what he was told, often making him the brunt of Henrietta and Charlie's jokes. Freddie was particularly close with Doug, whom he admired greatly.

With friendly postman Mr. Dingle and nosy neighbor Mrs. Goodbody occasionally dropping in, the three friends would convene each episode to learn something new from Doug and Emmy Jo. If things got boring, the group would simply break into song, producing a repertoire that included “Look At Me,” “10 Note Happy Song” and “Happy Being Me.”

In its 1970's heyday, The New Zoo Revue reached youngsters across the country. Though its broadcast reach has diminished since then, the show can still be seen in syndication in some areas today.

Release History

1972 - 1975 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


Television Cast

Doug Douglas Momary
Emmy Jo Emily Peden
Freddie the Frog Yanco Inone
Henrietta Hippp Larri Thomas
Charlie the Owl Sharon Baird

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