The Oddball Couple

The Oddball Couple

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

DePatie-Freleng’s The Oddball Couple was an animated version of Neil Simon’s popular play-turned-movie-turned hit TV show The Odd Couple. In the cartoon version, Felix Unger and Oscar Madison were replaced by a cat named Spiffy and a dog named Fleabag. Spiffy, as his name implies, was the more orderly of the two, while Fleabag was always a shambles.

In the show, which premiered the same year that prime time's The Odd Couple went off the air, Spiffy and Fleabag worked as freelance reporters. Along with their secretary Goldie, the two polar opposites shared an office together, making for a very comical environment. They were also roommates, which was evident when they were shown at home—50% of their place was spotless and the other 50% was a dogsty.

The wacky hijinks of this mismatched duo didn't earn the fan following of Simon's creation, and The Oddball Couple parted ways after two seasons

Release History

9/6/75 - 9/3/77 ABC

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Television Cast

Spiffy Frank Nelson
Fleabag Paul Winchell
Goldie Joan Gerber

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