The New Shmoo

The New Shmoo

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Two incarnations. One amorphous blob. Half a season. Unfortunately, Hanna Barbera’s The New Shmoo didn’t ooze into viewer’s hearts as planned, but the few months he was around were memorable ones indeed.

Shmoo was originally a recurring character from Al Capp’s Li’l Abner comic strip in the late 1940’s. On his own animated series in 1979, the bell-shaped Shmoo teamed up with three young reporters—Mickey, Billy Joe and Nita—who worked for Mighty Mysteries Comics. Together, the foursome fought crime and investigated supernatural goings-on. Shmoo also had the very Shmoo-like ability to morph into whatever shape, size or object he chose, a handy talent to have in a jam.

The New Shmoo only lasted a couple of months, but Hanna-Barbera was reluctant to let the chubby fella go. By December of 1979, Shmoo had joined forces with Bedrock’s most famous citizens for Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo. This series lasted for one full season before Shmoo morphed into a policeman on The Flintstones Comedy Hour.

Release History

9/22/79 - 12/1/79 NBC

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Television Cast

Shmoo Frank Welker
Nita Delores Cantu-Primo
Billy Joe Chuck McCann
Mickey Bill Idleson

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