The Jackson 5ive

The Jackson 5ive

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Five brothers from the blue-collar town of Gary, Indiana—Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael—combined their ample talents to form the singing group The Jackson Five. Pioneering a sound of their own invention (dubbed “bubblegum soul” by fans), the group gained special attention for its most dynamic performer, who was also its youngest. Even at the tender age of eight, Michael Jackson had "superstar" written all over him.

After years of talent contests and touring gigs, The Jackson Five signed a recording contract with Motown's Berry Gordy, Jr. The resulting debut album, Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5, was a smash hit, spearheaded by the success of their debut single “I Want You Back,” which went to #1 on the charts and sold over one million copies. The group became a worldwide phenomenon, leading ABC to develop a cartoon series for the band in September of 1971.

Not unlike the Beatles cartoon, The Jackson 5ive featured the band in a series of comic misadventures, usually sandwiched around two songs per show. Young Michael was usually the focus, along with his pets—mice Ray and Charles, and snake Rosie.

The series aired for two years, with the brothers providing their own voices (both singing and speaking), and the second season consisting entirely of repeats. The show was revived in the mid 1980’s in syndication, due to the massive popularity of the now grown-up Michael Jackson as a solo artist.

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9/11/71 - 9/1/73 ABC

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Michael Jackson Himself
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