The Hector Heathcote Show

The Hector Heathcote Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Originally a series of fifteen theatrical shorts made between 1958 and 1963, Hector Heathcote made its way to NBC in October of 1963. After the cycle of original shorts had been shown, Terrytoons quickly began to produce new episodes, and the Saturday morning show was born.

Hector, a pint-sized patriot, was witness to several crucial moments in American history. He had somehow discovered how to travel back in time, visiting famous events in an effort to better understand them. Hector would sometimes even try to give history a little nudge, though his plans usually went awry.

Most of Hector's adventures took place during the Revolutionary War, but Hector always sported that late 1700's triangle hat regardless of the era he was visiting. Accompanied by his wise and trusted dog, Winston, who was voiced to sound just like Churchill, Hector readied Paul Revere’s horse for the famous ride, built the rowboat George Washington used to cross the Delaware, and even tried to build the first plane.

Two other theatrical shorts were used to round out the program. "Hashimoto-san” focused on a Japanese mouse who often got into trouble with his American friend G.I. Joe. Thanks to his jujitsu skills, he always able to get himself, his wife Hanako and their children Yuriko and Saburo out of whatever mess they were in that week.

“Sidney's Family Tree” featured a childish adult elephant who had to be watched over constantly by his less-neurotic companions, Stanley the Lion and Cleo the Giraffe.

Release History

10/5/63 - 9/25/65 NBC

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Television Cast

Hector Heathcoate John Myhers
Hashimoto John Myhers
Hanako John Myhers
Saburo John Myhers
Yuriko John Myhers
Sidney Dayton Allen
Stanley Dayton Allen
Cleo Dayton Allen

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