Two-tone denim

Two-tone denim

Fashion Synopsis

When you just couldn’t commit to one color, the ‘car wash’ style of two-tone denim jeans made your decision a whole lot easier. After the ‘distressed denim’ look of bleach, rips, tears and bullet holes, having two-colored legs—one on the front, one on the back—was the only option left.

Color blocking, a process of patching different colored fabrics together in one garment, became a popular style design of the 80’s. Shirts and jackets had two different colored sleeves, another set of colors for the front and back, maybe another tone or two for the cuffs or plackets—there was no stopping the rainbow explosion.

Jeans experienced the colorful trend as well, but the most popular look was that of a second fabric sewn onto the front pant leg. Whether neon, print, or a different shade of the original fabric, it was way cool to have this colorful style on your jeans.

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