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It’s never too early to seduce girls with the power of makeup. Watching mom lean over the bathroom mirror, rolling the colored tube across her lips in a streak of red, tapping her nose with the fluffy puff, and then whisking mascara across her lushes lashes…it was magical, transcendental.

And then, when you thought you were safe, you’d sneak into the drawers and cabinets, carefully touching, smelling, (tasting?) all the different wonderful tubes and pots of gooey colors and sweet scents. And when Mom realized it was just way too quiet for you to be up to any good, she came in and saw you with lipstick down to your chin, blue eyeshadow circling your eyes, and powder everywhere. If you were lucky, maybe she taught you how to put it on, but more likely you got a swift spanking and an order to never touch her stuff again. Such was the moral of the ‘too young to play with Mommy’s makeup’ story…until Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell cosmetics saved girls from the heartbreaking reality that Mommy’s makeup wasn’t for playtime. Created in 1952 by Mem Co., Tinkerbell cosmetics were made especially for little girls. Colorful eyeshadow, creamy lipstick, and shiny nail polish in miniature containers were specially formulated to be harm-free and just like Mom’s. Now you had your very own makeup, made just for you.

Dragging Mom’s Dior gown across the backyard, and hobbling in her Ferragamo pumps could now be safely done with Tinkerbell at your side. When she told you that you weren’t supposed to play in her stuff, you didn’t have to lie. It was Tinkerbell.

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