Tube tops

Tube tops

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It was hard not to stare at the girls prancing around in their Candies disco slides, spray-can fit designer jeans, and that amazing piece of fabric pulled across their midsection, the tube top. Their waists were so tiny, their shoulders so bare, and well, their chests so there!

If you were a guy, you were in heaven. If you were a big girl, you were ready to buy a pair of your own. If you were a little girl, you waited. You waited and waited and waited, peeking into your shirt morning after morning, hoping that today, of all days, your boobies would be there. And then, you too could show them off with your skintight tube top.

During the sexual revolution, if going without a bra wasn’t bad enough, try bouncing around in an elasticized band called a tube top, or the boob tube as it’s called in Britain. A tube top was a simple piece of stretch cotton that snugged against the body, securing the bosom. The only fit came from the slight stretch of the material, and as long as you weren’t too plump, or too ‘healthy’ as moms would say (we’d say ‘big bosomed’), you could try on the fun called a tube top.

Dressing never got simpler than the tube top: the forgiving, one-size-fits-all top was plain in smocked cotton, shiny in spandex, or super in sparkly sequins. No disco queen could be without the tube top, so go ahead, take a turn around the dance floor. Just don’t hustle and bump too much, because remember, there’s nothing holding it up.

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