Thong underwear

Thong underwear

Fashion Synopsis

Before the thong, having underwear up the crack of your behind was called a wedgie. Now girls were paying good money for the same thing. Oh, how the mighty suffer in the name of fashion…

The super-sexy lines of the 90’s needed something new underneath. Spandex fit like a second skin, and regular bikini briefs left unsightly lines across the bottom. Tight pants were possible only if you went without, or you were plagued with the dreaded VPL, visible panty line. But then the thong saved the world from VPL, and the permanent wedgie became the only way to dress.

The 90’s were the decade of the booty. With songs like “Rump Shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect, MC Shy D’s “Big Booty Girls,” and Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back,” having ‘junk in your trunk’ became even more desirable than the wonders of the Wonderbra.

Booty call, Bootyliscious…the butt was no longer behind. Front and center, the butt was put on display, and the thong made it all possible. Working out at the gym spotlighted the booty when t-back leotards were paired with lycra bike shorts for the illusion of near nudity. Bikinis became even more scandalous when floss backs sashayed down the beach and turned heads.

The admiration for the t-back carried over into the millennium with Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” It’s not every piece of functional underwear that gets its own theme song, but such was the power of the mighty thong.

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