Sherbet Fountains

Remember Sherbet Fountains? In all the years i had Sherbet Fountains, i don’t think i ever once managed to use the liquorice straw as a straw.

Every Friday as a treat from our nan, we were given crisps, a penguin and a Sherbet Fountains. What a treat.

Sherbet Fountains

Sherbet Fountains


Basically it is sherbet powder in a yellow paper cylinder that goes soggy very quickly and out of the top would be a piece of hollow liquorice. The liquorice was meant to have a hole through it and you were meant to suck up the sherbet through it. Never happened. One kid reckons he could manage it and claims it would always go down the wrong way and you used to end up coughing and spluttering with his eyes watering. Sorry i don’t beleive him, as it never hapened in years of trying!


In the end i would eat the liquorice first (get it out the way as i hate liquorice) and then use my finger as a way of scooping the sherbert out.
Then after a while you get bored and you empty the rest in to your mouth half the paper got swalloed aswell and thats when you think you might sufficate as suddenly you can’t breathe as the downfall of sherbert becomes overwhelming!

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