Dice Pouffes

Dice Pouffes
The sixties, seventies and early eighties for some reason seemed to have a fascination with dice items. If you were a Capri owner then furry dice were a must hanging from the rear view mirror. For the cultured an alarm clock shaped as a die (singular for dice) and finally the ultimate accessory a dice Pouffe.

Since the sixties Pouffe took its place in our home, the world takes a whole new view on the meaning of a Pouffe.


Dice PouffesI’ve yet to find a dice pouffe on eBay but this would make a very retro addition to any lounge. The strange thing was how parents would get so annoyed about the stuffing coming out of a warn corner when the dice pouffe was thrown across the living room. But surely that’s the point of a large die is to give it a large shake with a large roll. Due to the thick seam of the pouffe on the number 2 it always seemed to land that way giving the 5 a more than 50 50 chance on any roll from the settee to the music centre.

If I was a gambling man then you would be betting on the 5 showing with your mum screaming as odds on. Did anyone else ever have a dice pouffe?

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