Collecting Antique Dolls

I’ve never collected antique dolls, and being a boy, dolls aren’t really my thing. Though i do remember the time i insisted that as my two sisters had dolls, why couldn’t I. Embarrisingly i was bought a plastic doll which very quickly i disposed of.

I will say i found it of interest to see how collecting valuable dolls is becoming a big hobby for many. I read an article on how to tell the difference between an antique and reproduction doll. It appears that many antique dolls are now reproduced for modern collectors, among them are china, bisque and composition dolls.


collecting antique dollsThe article wanred collectors that if you are adding an antique doll to your collection, it’s important that you look for signs that the doll is a genuine antique and not a reproduction as some sellers take advantage of unknowledgable collectors, so always research the doll you’re interested in acquiring, and expose yourself to many antique dolls so you’ll be familiar with the look of an antique compared to a reproduction.

That’s often the best advice on avoiding any counterfiet item, become familiar with genuine items first and you will almost always spot s fake.

The hobby tend to lend itself to young and old these days and therefore its appeal is wide. You can see this if you visit auctions, flea markets or even collectors fairs.

So though i’m not a collector of old dolls, i’m interested to know if any of you on skooldays are. please let us know by commenting below.

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