Sports Skwirts

Sports Skwirts

Synopsis of Lunch Box

What’s more adorable than puffy-cheeked little children playing sports? That’s right, nothing. And so the good folk at Ohio Art released a series of Sports Skwirts lunchboxes with matching plastic thermoses. Jimmy Blooper played baseball, football was the sport of choice for the unfortunately-named Freddie Fumble, there was soccer for Woodie Score, tennis for Sally Serve, basketball for Willie Dribble and hockey for Freddie Faceoff. And for those who just couldn’t decide, Ohio Art also put out a Sports Skwirts lunchbox with the whole lot of cute-as-a-button sportsmen.

Lunch Box Release History

1981 - Sports Skwirts (All)
1982 - Sports Skwirts (Baseball)
1982 - Sports Skwirts (Basketball)
1982 - Sports Skwirts (Hockey)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

Ohio Art

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