Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man

Synopsis of Lunch Box

Sure, he cost six million dollars, but Steve Austin paid it back in crime-stopping, villain-foiling, and butt-whomping. If you need any more proof that Steve was worth the price, take a look at this Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox with matching plastic thermos. One side showcased the physical prowess of his six million dollarness—racing a stallion, bending a railroad tie, leaping a car, uprooting a tree—while the other showed Steve in villain-busting action, using that uprooted tree as a really big sword.

A second lunchbox in 1978 showed Steve busting his way out of a steel wall, while threatening a pair of thugs with a lifted boulder on the flipside. Any hey, Bionic Women of the world, check out that handsome six million dollar grimace. Money well spent.

Lunch Box Release History

1974 - Six Million Dollar Man (Action Montage)
1978 - Six Million Dollar Man (Punching Steel)

Type of Lunchbox


Box Manufacturer

Aladdin Industries

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