Duffle bag purses

Duffle bag purses

Fashion Synopsis

Whether you were going to the gym or just to the mall, a puffy nylon duffle bag was the only purse you needed. LeSportSac and Le Bag allowed you to look cool with your oversized tube slung across your shoulder, tucked under your arm.

Big enough to haul half your closet with you wherever you went, the duffle bag purse carried at least a couple cans of Aqua Net, Alberto V05 mousse, a vent-brush, a banana clip, your legwarmers, an extra pair of slouch socks, Kissing Slicks, Dippity-do, Jean N’Ete body splash, Secret deodorant, your Velcro wallet, a Rubik’s Cube, a Kodak disc camera, some Little Debbie Snack Cakes, a Shasta, and your roller skates.

And if there was still room, you could even pack in the mini-duffle bag change purse that came with it.

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