Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes

Fashion Synopsis

Shorts never looked this good. These super-short shorts were named after the long-legged Daisy Duke of the much-loved 80’s television drama The Dukes of Hazzard. Catherine Bach played the leggy lass with sass: she could reassemble a car engine in the dark as soon as serve up drinks in Boss Hogg’s bar, all while looking foxy in her trademark shorts.

A variation of the hot pants that shook up the 60’s and seduced the 70’s, the early 80’s celebrated the gams with ultra-short denim. Originally just cutoff denim shorts, Daisy Dukes were also produced in fashion-colored denim and clean hemmed for a more finished look. While most youngsters could only admire the revealing style, some bold teenagers actually made it out of the house with their shorts grazing the high thigh. Frayed or hemmed, when worn with strappy, cork wedge sandals a girl could make even the General Lee stop in its tracks.

This fashion fiesta was revived in 1995 with rap artist Duice’s masterpiece, “Dazzey Duks.” This dance club favorite celebrated the shorts and the women who wore them. The once scintillating but presentable shorts grew to become so obscene that if the shorts got any shorter, they’d be thongs. They were cut so high up that the cheeks of your buttocks were constantly in danger of falling out, and usually did so. Even Daisy herself might have blushed at that one.

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