Day of the Week Panties

Day of the Week Panties

Fashion Synopsis

“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days.
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
Saturday, what a day,
Grooving all week with you…”

More than happy, the days you wore your ‘Day of the Week Panties’ were absolutely gay! Each panty was a different color and was embroidered with a separate day of the week. Seven panties, seven days, and you could make mom proud: never again would she have to remind you to put on a clean pair of underwear in case you got into an accident.

Slip inside the underwear calendar, and feel confident each and every day. Or be a crazy rebel and wear Wednesday’s pair on Tuesday. Nothing could stop you: only you knew what day it was underneath your poodle skirt.

The timely panties hit their popularity heights in the 1950's, but they survived in catalogs and in some stores. So go ahead, celebrate the party in your pants, all week long, one day at a time.

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