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I want a pair of Dittos… Me too! Me too! Me too!

The originators of label lust for jeans, Dittos were there before designers were plastering their names across your derriere. Dittos jeans came in wonderful colors, several slinky styles, and snugged against the body just right. When the coolest girl in school got all that attention from the boys, maybe your own pair of Dittos would make you popular too! (Or maybe not, but hey, it couldn’t hurt).

Dittos were aptly named: if your friend has a pair of pink ‘hi-rise’ Dittos, you too had to have a pair. If she showed up with green ‘low-rise,’ you couldn’t wait to run home and make mom drive you to the mall for matching ones. ‘Copycat jeans’ may have been a more accurate name, but it just didn’t have that catchy ‘Dittos’ ring.

Nothing worked as well as good old peer pressure to sell a product. The fanaticism behind these jeans sparked the need for more labels, and for kids to ostracize the have-nots. Jeans had once been a garment of solidarity: in the 1940’s, teenagers stepped into their denim as a show of their age and identity. Now, thirty years later, jeans were a way of alienating each other. The label on your behind placed you in line for the popularity race. The trick was to be the first in line.

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