Dep / Dippity-do

Dep / Dippity-do

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The only thing needed to defy gravity, the thick goopy greenness of Dep or Dippity-do gel was a lifesaver in those crazy days of bad hair blues. Owned by Schwarzkopf & Henkel, both Dep and Dippity-do were among the first hair gels put on the shelf. During the 60's, the gooey green mess was unlike the greasy Brylcreem or the aerosol of hairspray, and it offered a hold unlike any other.

Dep gel coated the hair is a sticky film, doing the work of both hair grease and hairspray at the same time. Slick it through hair and let it harden into a shellacked shell, or comb it through for an incredible hold in a head of soft body. Dep's mad scientist-like consistency was gooey, goopy, and undeniably the best thing to hit hair in need of shape.

Need liberty spikes? A mohawk? Flock of Seagulls waterfall bangs? What about bowling ball head for dance recitals, or wide side waterfall for the big hair brouhaha? Just stick your fingers into the gooey container, scoop out a generous handful, and slide through your hair. Shape and sculpt like Michelangelo, just don’t poke someone’s eye out with the crusty spikes of hair only made possible with Dep.

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