Spirograph Toy

Spirograph Set

Spirograph is a geometrical drawing tool from the sixties
It’s simplicity at its best with a vast difference between what you intend to produce and the final result.
The examples on the box cover show the Spirograph producing beautiful results in the same standard as found by any forger of a twenty pound note.
Spirograph’ intricate stencil patterns using various sizes of cogs is a real family toy as everyone wants to have a t least one go on the stencil wheels.
Kenners Spirograph SetSpirograph sets varied but most consisted of at leastย 4 Coloured biro pensPinsPlastic container for pins2 Outer stencil wheels2 ‘Ruler’ stencils18 ‘Inner’ stencil wheelsInstructions4 Pattern sheets
The reality is one of the following pen issues:

  • Ink runs out half way through
  • Ink works too well and decides to flow so well an inky smudge smears your work
  • Someones nicked all the pens in the house
  • I found a pen but the knib of the pen is too thick

Once the perfect pen was found for your spirograph, you then may of had the following issue:

  • The teeth on the spirigraph keep slipping
  • The angle of the pen to the circle makes it impossible to circulate the outer teeth
  • My sister decided it was funny tickling me while i’m in the middle of a spirograph
  • Tremours on a wobbly table
  • I completed it and it didn’t meet up with the begining of the graph
  • I’ve worn a hole through the paper

Did you have fun or torture with Spirograph sets as a kid?

3 thoughts on “Spirograph Toy

  1. Yes I did! It was my favorite toy brought to me to the other side of the world by my mother’s friends from California. I was in luck with the pens, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have enough of the wheels to draw, but I lost some, as you can imagine. How do I shop for a new one? I want one so bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I had a set of these kit in the early 70’s and I loved it! I then lived in the USA: Must of been 1974 or 1975. I remeber with special care the pens, that had some unusal colors… Orange fire was my favorite. Good old days!

  3. I had lots of fun with this device. I still have mine with all parts except the original 4 pens and the instruction book.

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