Rubbers or erasers

School rubbers or erasers serverd two purposes at school, to smell and to be used as characters rolling around the desk when bored in a lesson. Oh yes and to erase any wrong pencil marks so that makes 3.

Rubbers or erasers

School Rubbers or erasers where often smelly in a good way


Most of the characters were made by drawing faces on the rubber itself and naming it.
Erasers came in several shapes and sizes. In addition to those that came attached to pencils, there were also rectangular blocks or conical caps that could slip onto the end of a pencil. Novelty erasers are made in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs to suit their themes and they are typically acquired more for their decorative nature than for any practical use.


In more recent times the erasers have advanced to having there own faces printed on them, but this looses the appeal for most kids, as it lacks the personallity required. Fruit seemed to be a good seller as the smell could be added, though apart from Bananna few were noticeably accurate, how does a melon smell?

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  1. I grew up in the 1960s and we had erasers that were translucent, pastel colors, and smelled real good. I think they were made in Japan. They were not scented, but just had a very distinct and nice aroma to them. They didn’t erase nearly as well as the ‘pink pearl’ type, but I always kept one in my pencil box or zip-up pencil bag (the type made for a three-ring binder) just for that aroma. Every time you’d open it, you’d get a strong whiff! Haven’t seen (or smelled) one of those in years.

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