Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love

Synopsis of Movie

“Something stinks in suburbia.”

In terms of high school cliques, there are two ships that rarely pass in the night...and those ships are called the “popular kids” and the “nerds”. But in this 1987 teen romantic comedy, the two ships did more than pass. Want to go from just watching the goings-on of the high school upper echelon to actually being a part of them? Or…have you spilled red wine on your mom’s expensive suede outfit and now desperately need the cash to replace it? Remember that “two ships” analogy? It’s time to cue the collision.

Nerdy kid Ronald Miller is the one who looking for popularity. Pretty, popular Cindy Mancini is the one looking for cash after that red-wine-meets-mom’s-outfit incident. As long as her “no kissing” rule is adhered to, Cindy agrees to be Ronald’s boyfriend for one month. Though Amanda warns him that popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Ronald is all too eager to spend his hard-earned lawn mowing money to see for himself.

Ronald gets exactly what he pays for, too—after Cindy walks him through a makeover and he spends some a few quality days on her arm, the high school world is his oyster. He makes friends and gets invited to the cool parties and gains that elusive high school popular status. Cindy even starts to care for him, and not just because she’s on his payroll, either. But all this newfound glory comes at an expense. His old friendships are jeopardized, as is a little thing called his integrity. What’s a nerd-at-heart to do?

During filming, the movie was titled Boy Rents Girl, but when the producers scored a certain Beatles tune for the soundtrack, the title was changed. Can’t Buy Me Love was a modest mid-80’s hit, striking that delicate balance between heartfelt teen drama and PG-13 bawdy teen comedy bits.

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1987 - Can't Buy Me Love

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Ronald Miller Patrick Dempsey Cindy Mancini Amanda Peterson
Kenneth Wurman Courtney Gains Barbara Tina Caspary
Chuckie Miller Seth Green Mrs. Mancini Sharon Farrell
Patty Darcy DeMoss David Miller Dennis Dugan
Judy Miller Cloyce Morrow Iris Devin DeVasquez
Quint Cort McCown Big John Eric Bruskotter
Ricky Gerardo Mejía Fran Ami Dolenz
Lester Max Perlich Albert David Schermerhorn
Moda Clerk Steve Franken Rock Phil Simms
Brent Tudor Sherrard Bobby Hilton George Gray III
Mr. Webbly Jimmie Lee Mitchell Mrs. Hagmer Jan Rooney
Mr. Wurman James Gooden Jr. Wurman Erin O'Flaherty
Duane Ty Gray Camera Salesman Will Hannah
Stocky Jones Todd Walsh African Host Wayne Chandler
Freshman #1 Meredith Wagelie Freshman #2 Jennifer Nelson
Transfer Girl Corissa Miller Bambi La Brock Lisa Givens

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