The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears Movie

Synopsis of Movie

“It’s never too late if you care enough!”

Warm-hearted toy characters the Care Bears made their big-screen debut in this 1985 animated feature. The Care Bears Movie teamed up the title bears with their Care Bear Cousins (a lion, a raccoon and other furry friends) to teach young tots that love is always the answer.

Watching down from their cloudy kingdom of Care-A-Lot through powerful telescopes, the Care Bears keep tabs on youngsters in need of special help. Their first cases are brother and sister Jason and Kim, orphans who have lost their trust in older folks’ promises. The Bears take the siblings up to Care-A-Lot for a fun-filled adventure.

Meanwhile, lonely Nicholas, apprentice to a carnival magician, is falling under the spell of an ancient book of magic. The book promises Nicholas he can have all the friends in the world if he’ll help set its evil spirit free. Naturally, this is all a ruse designed to sap all the caring from the world. With the uncaring phantom free, it’s up to the Bears, the Cousins, Jason, Kim and a reluctant Nicholas to prove that kindness and feelings can still win the day.

Designed as an eye-pleasing adventure for the very young, The Care Bears Movie succeeded, leading to two feature sequels, an animated series and continued success in the stuffed animal and greeting card worlds.

Movie Release History

1985 - The Care Bears Movie
1986 - Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
1987 - The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

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Movie Studio

Nelvana Prods./Samuel Goldwyn Co.


Love-a-Lot-Bear Georgia Engel
The Spirit Jackie Burroughs
Mr. Cherrywood Mickey Rooney
Jason Sunny Besen Thrasher
Kim Cree Summer
Voices Eva Almos
Voices Patricia Black
Voices Melleny Brown
Voices Bobby Dermer
Voices Jayne Eastwood
Voices Anni Evans
Voices Gloria Figura
Voices Brian George
Voices Janet-Laine Green
Voices Luba Goy

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