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Helen Hayes, Jodie Foster and David Niven starred in this Disney family flick set (and shot) in England. The story was based on Michael Innes’ novel, Christmas at Candleshoe.

Troubled aristocrat Lady St. Edmund (Hayes) can’t afford to pay the taxes on her large estate and still provide for the bevy of young orphans she houses. The only way Candleshoe can be saved is if the legend is true that a pirate ancestor left gold coins hidden somewhere in the manor. Together with disguise-wearing butler/chauffer/gardener Priory (Niven), the Lady and her wards search the house for the loot.

But crooked Harry Bundage and Grimsworthy know the legend as well, and they also have a plan. The duo sends a young con artist named Casey Brown (Foster) to Candleshoe to pose as St. Edmund’s long-lost granddaughter. Candleshoe’s only hope is that the kind-hearted influence of St. Edmund and Priory can convince the deceitful girl of the error of her ways in time to save the estate.

With its English country setting and distinguished performers, Candleshoe was more highbrow than some of Disney’s other comic fare. The film was not without its laughs, but the overall mood was more heart-touching than rib-tickling. Regardless, the Disney name above the title assured a healthy audience, and those who came were treated to a memorable mystery with the sweetness of a Disney classic.

Movie Release History

1977 - Candleshoe

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Lady St. Edmund Helen Hayes
Casey Brown Jodie Foster
Harry Bundage Leo McKern
Colonel Dennis David Niven
Mr. Gipping David Niven
Mr. Priory David Niven
John David Niven
Cluny Veronica Quilligan
Peter Ian Sharrock
Anna Sarah Tamakuni
Bobby David Samuels
Jenkins John Alderson
Mrs. McCress Mildred Shay
Mr. McCress Michael Balfour
Mr. Thresher Sydney Bromley
Train Guard Michael Segal
Grimsworthy Vivian Pickles

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