The Cat From Outer Space

The Cat From Outer Space

Synopsis of Movie

Yes, the aliens are coming. And when they do, it will be in the form of talking housecats. Keep watching the skies…

It may not have been the most plausible scientific hypothesis, but the folks at Disney weren’t after science in The Cat From Outer Space. They just wanted comedy.

When a green, bug-like spacecraft crash lands on earth, the U.S. government is understandably worried. The military takes the craft to a nearby base for scientific investigation. As the assembled eggheads, including Elizabeth Bartlett and eccentric Frank, postulate the ship’s origin, nobody notices a “stray” cat with a lit collar slipping off to Frank’s lab. Soon, the cat reveals himself as Zunar J5/90 Doric 4-7 (but you can call him “Jake”), the talking feline owner of the stranded craft.

Jake needs $120,000 in gold to repair his ship, and he asks Frank for help. That’s actually easier than it sounds, as Jake can accurately predict sports winners. The zany antics come in droves as a vet accidentally tranquilizes the cat, the government comes looking for spacemen, and weaselly Mr. Stallwood tries to steal Jake’s magic collar. Things come to a head in a stunt-filled conclusion high above the earth’s surface.

The Cat From Outer Space was the last film from long-time Disney director Norman Tokar, and the film's screwball antics appropriately capped off a career that included The Apple Dumpling Gang, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, Follow Me, Boys!, and many other Disney favorites.

Movie Release History

1978 - The Cat From Outer Space

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Frank Ken Berry
Elizabeth Bartlett Sandy Duncan
General Stilton Harry Morgan
Mr. Stallwood Roddy McDowall
Link McLean Stevenson
Earnest Ernie Jesse White
Dr. Wenger Alan Young
Dr. Heffel Hans Conried
Sgt. Duffy Ronnie Schell
Voice of Jake the cat Ronnie Schell
Capt. Anderson James Hampton
Col. Woodruff Howard Platt
Mr. Olympus William Prince
Weasel Ralph Manza
Honest Harry Tom Pedi
Officer Hank Jones

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