Curly Top

Curly Top

Synopsis of Movie

1935's Curly Top brought America's Sweetheart, Shirley Temple, back into the spotlight for another round of song, dance and heartwarming sweetness. An adaptation of Jean Webster’s novel Daddy Long Legs, the film cast the precocious youngster as little orphan Elizabeth Blair.

Elizabeth, daughter of vaudeville entertainers, keeps things lively at Lakeside Orphanage, singing little ditties to keep spirits bright. This raises some eyebrows at the ultra-conservative orphanage, but Elizabeth’s older sister Mary is more supportive.

When wealthy Edward Morgan visits the orphanage, Elizabeth’s charm and Mary’s beauty convince him to get them out of there, showing them how the other half lives. Once she sees the outside world, Mary starts falling for another man, but wee miss Cupid Elizabeth has other plans.

The movie was tailor-made to Temple’s irresistible charm, allowing her to sing and mug her way through such numbers as “Animal Crackers in My Soup,” “When I Grow Up” and “Curly Top.” A Shirley Temple classic, Curly Top helped the li'l starlet maintain her status as the biggest little thing in the movies.

Movie Release History

1935 - Curly Top

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Elizabeth Blair Shirley Temple
Edward Morgan John Boles
Mary Blair Rochelle Hudson
Mrs. Denham Jane Darwell
Mrs. Higgins Rafaela Ottiano
Aunt Genevieve Graham Esther Dale
Mr. Wyckoff Etienne Girardot
Butler Arthur Treacher
Jimmie Rogers Maurice Murphy
Orphan Girl Lynn Bari
Unknown Stanley Andrews
Unknown Billy Gilbert

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