My Bodyguard

My Bodyguard

Synopsis of Movie

There are plenty of tough things about going to school: homework, detention, and the food, to name just a few. But even all these challenges combined can't compare with the granddaddy of adolescent menaces: the school bully. Anyone who has ever had to deal with one of these cretins has fantasized about getting even. The perfect version of this fantasy is brought to life in My Bodyguard, a teen movie with a fresh perspective on dealing with the down side of school life.

My Bodyguard begins as a smart, slightly awkward teen named Clifford Peache faces his first day at a New York public high school. He is immediately singled out by a group of thugs, led by the charismatic Moody, who want Clifford to give them his lunch money for “protection.” When Clifford refuses, he discovers that he can’t rely on the school authorities for help and that he must save his own skin. But the boy's luck changes when he dreams up a crazy idea: he'll pay Linderman, a burnt-out loner feared by most of the school, to be his bodyguard.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Clifford’s scheme works, and Linderman is able to make Moody and his boys back off. To show his gratitude, Clifford befriends Linderman and actually begins to bring his troubled new ally out of his shell. However, things take an unpleasant turn when the clever Moody gets his own bodyguard, a mean-looking older thug named Mike. Linderman backs down when Moody and Mike taunt him about the tragedy that made him an outcast, and Clifford finds himself in trouble once more. He realizes the must stand up for himself, with or without his bodyguard.

In the end, My Bodyguard was a story about characters. From Clifford to Moody, everyone was drawn in a three-dimensional style, helping us understand what made them the way they were. The appeal of the characters was solidified by its young cast: Chris Makepeace as the shy but clever Clifford, Adam Baldwin as the pained tough guy Linderman, and Matt Dillon as the charismatic, menacing Moody.

The cast of My Bodyguard was further fleshed out by a cast of familiar and soon-to-be-familiar faces: Martin Mull as Clifford’s always stressed-out hotel-owner father, John Houseman as a gruff hotel bigshot, Ruth Gordon as Clifford’s randy grandmother, and the up-and-coming Jennifer Beals, Joan Cusack, and Cheers regular George Wendt.

My Bodyguard did fairly well at the box office, but the movie found its most enduring audience on cable and home video. Today, it has reached cult status, regularly singled out on lists of classic teen movies. Not quite what you'd expect from a trip back to the dark side of school days, My Bodyguard remains surprisingly pleasant with a touch of good-old-fashioned bully butt kicking.

Movie Release History

1980 - My Bodyguard

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Movie Studio

20th Century Fox


Clifford Peache Chris Makepeace
Ricky Linderman Adam Baldwin Melvin Moody Matt Dillon
Gramma Ruth Gordon Mr. Peache Martin Mull
Dobbs John Houseman Griffith Craig Richard Nelson
Carson Paul Quandt Mike Hank Salas
Shelley Joan Cusack Hightower Dean R. Miller
Koontz Tim Reyna Dubrow Richard Bradley
Leilani Denise Baske Freddy Vicky Nelson
Reissman Tom Rielly Allen Paul Charenneau
Girl Laura Salenger Burt Bert Hoodencott
Cheerleader #1 Cindy Russ Cheerleader #2 Laurie McEathron
Crying Girl Lori Mandell Boy Dean Devlin
Ms. Jump Kathryn Grody Principal Roth Dick Cusack
Librarian Dorothy Scott Basketball Coach Angelo Bascagila
Stewardess Kitt York Mrs. Linderman Marge Kotlisky
Workman Tim Kazurinsky Mr. Dunphy Bill Koza
Mrs. Dunphy Vivian Smolen Roberto Bruce Jarchow
Hostess Andrea Dillon Custodian Leonard Mack
Engineer George Wendt Counterman Jerome Myers
2nd Counterman Freddy Moss 3rd Counterman Joseph Cohn
Biology Teacher Pat Billingsley Teacher in Hallway Barbara Hoddinott
Eddie Eddie Gomez Extra Jennifer Beals
Additional Voice Allison Caine Drunk in the park Gary Houston

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