Mac and Me

Mac and Me

Synopsis of Movie

”How two boys worlds apart became the best of friends.”

See, there was this movie that came out in 1982 that made a whole lot of money. Not only that, but thanks to said film, sales of a certain plot-essential candy went through the roof. And if E.T. could do it for Reese’s Pieces, why not go back to the well? It sounded like a good idea to restaurant powerhouse McDonalds and soft drink magnate Coca-Cola. The two titans of fun food joined forces to create Mac and Me, another entry in the stranded alien derby (see E.T., TV’s Alf, even Meatballs Part II).

The film opens with an alien family picnic, rudely interrupted when an American space probe accidentally sucks the clan into its hull. After landing in California and escaping from a NASA lab, the youngest of the alien family gets separated and lost. Thankfully, the extraterrestrial tyke picks the right van to hide out in—one owned by single mom Janet Cruise and her sons Eric and Michael.

The wheelchair-bound Eric finds and befriends the lost alien, which he names MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature). The boy and his friends conspire to keep MAC away from the prying eyes of science and reunite him with his family, leading to a series of adventures that includes an elaborate dance number inside a McDonalds restaurant (we kid you not).

The product placements may have been blatant (one plot point has the youngsters discovering that only Coca-Cola can sustain MAC’s life, and Ronald McDonald makes a special appearance), but Mac and Me won its share of young fans. The producers also received praise for casting Jade Calegory, a real-life sufferer of spina bifida, in the lead role, and for donating some of the film’s receipts to worthwhile children’s charities. And let’s be honest, the little alien fella was kind of cute.

Movie Release History

1988 - Mac and Me

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Movie Studio

Vision International


Janet Christine Ebersole
Michael Jonathan Ward
Courtney Tina Caspary
Debbie Lauren Stanley
Eric Jade Calegory
Mitford Vinnie Torrente
Wickett Martin West
Zimmerman Ivan J. Rado
Jack Jr.* Danny Cooksey
Linda Laura Waterbury
Splatter Car Driver Jack Eiseman
Scientist Barbara Allyne-Bennet
Mover #1 Richard Bravo
Doctor #2 Gary Brockette
Checkout Girl Sherri Stone Butler

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