The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie

Synopsis of Movie

“Well, it’s sort of approximately how we met.”

So says Kermit when nephew Robin asks if the movie they’re about to watch is an accurate portrayal of how the Muppets came together. For the next ninety-seven minutes, Robin (and the rest of us) watch as the story of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and the gang unfolds in classic "Bob and Bing" road movie style. While the veracity of the facts may be doubtful, there is no ambiguity as to the humor and heart of The Muppet Movie.

In the film, Kermit’s humble beginnings are as a content swamp frog. Not until he runs into Bernie the agent, does he consider a life of showbiz. Although sad to leave the swamp, the little green one can't resist the notion of "making millions of people happy." After being kicked out of the El Sleezo Café by James Coburn, Kermit asks the likewise mistreated Fozzie if he’d like to join him on his “Hollywood or Bust” adventure, and the movie becomes a true buddy road picture.

Things turn ugly when the pair meets up with Doc Hopper, owner of Hopper’s Frog Legs restaurant, who wants Kermit to do his commercials. Naturally, Kermit is horrified and refuses the offer. Kermit and Fozzie must elude Doc and his sidekick, Max, while trying to get to Hollywood in time to audition for big-time producer Lew Lord.

The road to Hollywood is paved with weirdoes and Kermit and Fozzie meet many of them. In addition to picking up Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Rowlf and the Electric Mayhem, Kermit and Fozzie also run into numerous furless celebrities. Among them: Madeline Kahn, "Myth" Carol Kane, Elliot Gould, Richard Pryor, Telly Savales, Cloris Leachman, Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, Paul Williams (who wrote the film’s songs) and Lew Lord himself, Orson Welles. In a tip of the hat to their comedic predecessors, the filmmakers also created cameos for the legendary Edgar Bergen and Charles McCarthy, Milton Berle, and Mr. Road Picture himself, Bob Hope. These groundbreakers were effectively being thanked for the memories and their influence.

The Muppet Movie was not only a fun ride and a gut-busting pseudo-biopic, it was a tremendous success for Henson and company. The film was one of the biggest hits of 1979, and the Muppets have been making films ever since.

At heart, the Muppets were always entertainers, and in the film’s final grand production number, the Muppets, and their creators, paid a touching salute to Hollywood. Thanking both the industry that let their dreams come true and the fans who shared those dreams, all one hundred and thirty Muppets looked into the camera and sang:

"Life’s like a movie, write your own ending.
Keep believing, keep pretending.
We have done what we set out to do!
Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you!!"

Movie Release History

1979 - The Muppet Movie
1981 - The Great Muppet Caper
1984 - The Muppets Take Manhattan
1992 - The Muppet Christmas Carol
1996 - Muppet Treasure Island
1999 - Muppets From Space

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Henson Associates


Kermit the Frog Jim Henson
Rowlf Jim Henson
Dr. Teeth Jim Henson
Waldorf Jim Henson
The Swedish Chef (puppeteering and voice) Jim Henson
Miss Piggy Frank Oz
Fozzie Bear Frank Oz
Animal Frank Oz
Sam the Eagle Frank Oz
Floyd Pepper Jerry Nelson
Camilla Jerry Nelson
Crazy Harry Jerry Nelson
Robin Jerry Nelson
Lew Zealand Jerry Nelson
Scooter Richard Hunt
Statler Richard Hunt
Janice Richard Hunt
Sweetums Richard Hunt
Beaker Richard Hunt
Gonzo Dave Goelz
Zoot Dave Goelz
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dave Goelz
Doc Hopper Charles Durning
Max Austin Pendleton
Frog Killer Scott Walker
Himself Edgar Bergen
Mad Man Mooney Milton Berle
Professor Max Krassman Mel Brooks
El Sleezo Cafe Owner James Coburn
Bernie--the Hollywood Agent Dom DeLuise
Beauty Contest Compere Elliott Gould
Ice Cream Vendor Bob Hope
El Sleezo Patron Madeline Kahn
"Myth" Carol Kane
Lord's Secretary Cloris Leachman
Insolent Waiter Steve Martin
Balloon Vendor Richard Pryor
El Sleezo Tough Telly Savalas
Lew Lord Orson Welles
El Sleezo Pianist Paul Williams
Big Bird Carroll Spinney
Unknown Steve Whitmire
Unknown Kathryn Mullen
Unknown Bob Payne
Unknown Eren Ozker
Unknown Caroly Wilcox
Unknown Olga Felgemacher
Unknown Bruce Schwartz
Unknown Michael Earl Davis
Unknown Buz Suraci
Unknown Tony Basilicato
Unknown Adam Hunt
Sailor Lawrence Gabriel Jr.
Bartender Ira F. Grubman
Lumberjack H.B. Haggerty
Gate Guard Bruce Kirby
One-Eyed Midget Tommy Madden
Waiter James Frawley
Cowboy Arnold Roberts

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