The Monkey's Uncle

The Monkey's Uncle

Synopsis of Movie

”If he’s the monkey’s uncle, then I want to be the monkey’s aunt.”

Zany, brainy Merlin Jones returned for a second helping of scientific silliness in this follow-up to 1964’s The Misadventures of Merlin Jones. Stars Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello returned as Merlin and girlfriend Jennifer, as did Leon Ames as Judge Holmsby.

Continuing his ongoing quest for knowledge, Merlin adopts a chimp named Stanley in order to conduct “sleep learning” experiments. The inventive technique is called into service when a pair of Midvale College football jocks need to pass an English exam. The two thickwits pass, but Merlin is accused of cheating and forced to explain his methods.

With one crisis contained, another rears its ugly head. A member of the Midvale College Board of Regents offers to pay the school $1 million if they axe the football program. Jeepers! The program’s salvation comes in the form of Darius Green III, a wealthy eccentric who offers to pay the school $10 million (!) if someone can make man fly. Merlin Jones is just that someone, and he gets cracking on a bicycle-powered flying machine.

As with the first film, Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman composed the title tune, this time sung by Funicello and the Beach Boys. Merlin gave up his wacky experiments after The Monkey's Uncle, but the torch was passed a decade later to up-and-comer Dexter Riley, star of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

Movie Release History

1964 - The Misadventures of Merlin Jones
1965 - The Monkey's Uncle

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Jennifer Annette Funicello
Merlin Jones Tommy Kirk
Judge Holmsby Leon Ames
Regent Harry Antrim
College President Gage Clarke
Mr. Dearborne Frank Faylen
Mrs. Gossett Connie Gilchrist
Haywood Mark Goddard
Norman Norman Grabowski
Professor Shattuck Alan Hewitt
Regent Harry Holcombe
Regent Alexander Lockwood
Lisa Cheryl Miller
Darius Green Arthur O'Connell
Leon Leon Tyler

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